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Managing Director’s Message

MD Message

“The best of charity is when Muslim man gains knowledge, then he teaches it to his brothers (others).” (Muhammad PBUP)

“Literacy is a bridge from misery to the hope, bulwark against poverty and a building block of development” (Kofi Annan)

The article 25- A of the Constitution of Pakistan provides right of free and compulsory education to all children and Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) is playing vital role in supplementing the efforts of School Education Department, Govt. of the Punjab, while actualizing this constitutional commitment to ensure that not a single child is left out of the school due to financial constraints or non-provision of access to the education, across Punjab.

Provision of access to Quality & Affordable education, across Punjab, is our prime objective. My whole PEF team and PEF partners are determined to achieve this objective through Public Private Partnership. Currently, more than 2.6 million children are being educated in 7423 PEF partner schools in Punjab; from urban dwelling to the deepest areas of Cholistan and extending the outreach to the remotest rural and urban slums as well. These 7400 + entrepreneurs (PEF partners) have further generated employment opportunities to around 100,000 teaching and support staff at large scale, in their respective areas. A concerted effort to ensure equal opportunity of education in PEF is also exhibited by enrollment of 45% female students in PEF schools.

We aim to ensure transparency in disbursement of public money with the use of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT), monitoring, students’ physical verification and Pre-Audit. Banking on this strength, PEF has made strides in establishing a unique ID for each student in shape of B-form and is maintaining all necessary data of a student on its SIS portal. Use of IT and progressive automation of its operations are key to disburse government subsidy in equitable and efficient manner to the intended population.

PEF has not only strengthened the low-cost private schools and provides them financial support in the form of per child fee but also emphasizes on improvement of quality education through its Teachers’ Development Program, School Leadership Program & various mentoring programs. Each PEF school is gauged for its quality of education through annually conducted Quality Assurance Test (QAT).

In the end, I entreat and pray to Allah Almighty to grant us guidance, strength, and firmness of the purpose to carry on this sacred mission of spreading the light of knowledge and contribute ardently to make our country and nation reach the pinnacle of glory.


Mr.Manzar Javed Ali
Managing Director-PEF

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