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Continuous Professional Development Program


Continuous Professional Development Program (CPDP) was launched in 2005 with the aim to promote quality education by providing technical assistance in the form of trainings to PEF partner schools. CPDP has played a major role towards the successful head teacher/teacher development in different PEF programs since its inception. CPDP provides Technical & Professional Assistance to following PEF programs:

CPDP consists of a core team of 07 personnel who manage operations & administration. 50 Master Trainers (MTs) are field staff who conduct trainings for PEF head teachers & teachers.

Capacity Building Opportunities CPDP provides trainings under following core models:
1. School Mentoring Program (SMP)

2. School Leadership Program (SLP)

1. School Mentoring Program (SMP)

School Mentoring Program consists of four tier support for QAT failure schools.

a) Teacher Development Program (TDP)

5 days trainings based on basic teaching pedagogies is conducted for QAT failure schools along with other PEF schools in clusters by CPDP MTs. Travel and sustenance cost for participants attending the training at Rs. 500/day.

b) Mentoring and follow up session.

Follow up visit of 5 days/school is made by MT in each QAT failure school. These sessions include identification of areas which have contributed to poor QAT result of the school. Subject specific guidance, inclusion of formative assessment in lesson plans, paper marking and attempting techniques along with other need based requirements of the school are catered. Since these mentoring sessions are conducted at the door step of the school thus no travelling and sustenance for participants is admissible.

c) Teacher Evaluation

In order to gauge the impact of training and mentoring sessions Teacher Evaluation is done through a paper pen test of trained teachers. The test is conducted by M&E dept. through MEOs. No travelling and sustenance for participants is admissible. Successful teachers are awarded with e-certificate on PEF website.

d) Online Teacher Learning Communities

A unique intervention is the creation of an online platform of on-line teacher learning communities where the successful trained teachers share good teaching practices.
2. School Leadership Program (SLP)

SLP training is intended to equip PEF head teachers with their academic and administrative role. Cluster based SLP trainings are conducted with 15-25 participants Travel and sustenance cost given to participant is Rs. 500/day.

Other Training Models
Other training models are:
School Mentoring Activity (SMA)
It is 01-day training session comprising 5 hours. The session includes information on QAT, Classroom management and Teacher Information System. No honorarium is paid because it is conducted in school premises.
Corona Awareness Sessions (CAS)
CPDP conducted one- day face-to-face CAS through its Master Trainers (MTs) in 1110 schools and trained 1927 head teachers on guidelines issued by the School Education Department (SED) - Government of the Punjab, keeping in view the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, MTs of CPDP conducted one-day online CAS through Google Meet and trained 1674 head teachers of 1586 PEF schools on SED guidelines regarding COVID-19.

Training Statistics

TDP and SLP trainer manuals and participant handbooks are available in download section.

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