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What is PEF?

PEF is an autonomous body established under Punjab Education Foundation Act 2004.

What is the function of PEF?

PEF main function is to support the children of marginalized strata of society through financial assistance. PEF also supports partner schools in enhancing professional capability of the teachers.

What is EVS?

EVS (Education Voucher Scheme).

What is function of EVS?

Education Voucher Scheme is unique initiative of PEF through which vouchers are issued to registered children under the scheme. Worth of voucher is as follows:

  • Rs 550/- per student for Primary classes
  • Rs 600/- Per student for Elementary classes
  • Rs 900/- Per student for Secondary Arts classes
  • Rs 1100/- Per student for Secondary Science students

These vouchers are en-cashed by the partner schools in lieu of monthly fee of the voucher students.

Is voucher redeemable in any school?

No, it is only valid for partner schools.

Is EVS working throughout the Punjab?


How school is selected for EVS partnership?

Schools are selected after the following steps:

  • Advertisement
  • Short listing of applications
  • Physical verification visit of school
  • Final selection

Can school be selected without advertisement?


Can voucher be cashed through banks?


What is duration of a voucher?

Voucher is issued on yearly basis.

Single voucher is valid for how many students?

One voucher is valid for only one student

Can fee be charged from voucher holder students?


How vouchers are redeemed?

Vouchers are distributed to parents/students and they submit vouchers to schools as per their choice and partner schools claim payment for these collected vouchers from PEF.

Is voucher transferable to other student or brother or sister?


Is voucher valid only for one school?

Voucher can be used in any EVS partner school.

What is QAT?

QAT is Quality Assurance Test conducted by PEF to assess the performance of the child/school.

How many times QAT is conducted in a year?

It is conducted once in a year.

Can a twice failure school be the partner of EVS?

Yes, if school qualifies the QAT in coming years as per PEF policy.

How can one launch a complaint against EVS partner school?

PEF has established a centralized complaint cell and complaints against partner schools can be launched through:

  • A written application addressed to the competent authority.
  • Through Email
  • By making a telephone call on the phone number as mentioned on the PEF board displayed outside the PEF partner schools.

Does PEF give salary to the teachers of EVS partner schools?


Can PEF partner school collect money for annual tours of students?

No, however a school council comprising parents and teachers may plan annual tours with consent of the parents.

Is corporal punishment allowed in EVS partner schools?

Corporal punishment is a crime and is not allowed in any school.

How payment is made in EVS partner schools?

Payment is made on monthly basis.

Are text books provided by PEF free of cost?

Yes, Punjab text books are provided free of cost.

How can a PEF partner apply for Building Shifting?

A PEF partner can apply for change of school building as per SOPs cited in the below link:
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How can a PEF partner apply for level upgradation?

A PEF partner can apply for level upgradation as per PEF SOPs as cited in the link below:
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Is it mandatory for all PEF partners to provide a School Registration Certificate?

Yes. However, in case of an applied for registration, the school owner must provide 32-A challan form and the same goes for expired school registration too.

What if a PEF partner faces a technical issue in SIS?

All complaints related to SIS should be submitted online in the SIS Complaint Box for immediate redressal.
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