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What is the difference between CTDP, SLDP & SBSP?

CTDP is teacher training program
SLDP is school heads, principals and head teachers training program.
SBSP is a unique program in which PEF-CPDP provides their own subject teacher to different schools for one academic year who work as mentors in the particular schools.

 How much does it cost?

All PEF programs are free of cost for low cost private schools.

How can I participate in CTDP and SLDP trainings?

Teachers, Principals, Vice Principals and Coordinators from PEF partner schools (FAS, EVS, and NSP) can participate in these training. Other Low cost school may be entertained after formal request to PEF management.

Who conduct CTDP & SLDP and who are the trainers?

There are different Organization and Training Institute in partnership with PEF. These Partner Organizations conduct trainings in different schools. These organizations select highly qualified trainers.

What is the duration of CTDP and SLDP?

Duration of CTDP is 6 days and of SLDP is 3 days and 5 hours per day.

How can I become a partner in CTDP and SLDP?

Private organizations and Training Institute are invited to submit their EOI through advertisement for conduction of CTDP and SLDP. PDCB recommends these organizations or institute through transparent selection procedures for partnership. These selected organization or institute conduct a pilot training in school. PDCB evaluates this Pilot Workshop then recommends the organization for partnership under CPDP-PEF.

How impact of the training is evaluated?

A follow up visit is planned by partner organization and CPDP team to evaluate training impact after one month of its completion.

Is one training enough for my teachers?

Every trainee will go through following 3 levels of training.

  • Level I is basic level
  • Level II is subject based
  • Level III is need based.

How can I Apply for SBSP?

You can apply for SBSP if you fulfill following criteria.

  • Fee not  more than the Rs. 1000/- per month
  • Students’ strength in middle & high sections is more than 100.
  • School must be affiliated with BISE.
The school must NOT be in partnership with PEF in any other program.

Will subject teacher interfere in administration and management of my school?

No, Subject Teacher will play the supporting role and facilitate you in capacity building of your school.

How many subject Teachers are currently employed with PEF?

Currently we have a team of 65 subject teachers in 24 districts of Punjab who are not only performing duties in their allocated schools but also supporting PEF in tasks like QAT conduction, monitoring etc.

What services will I get after subject teacher allocation to my school?

Subject Teacher will provide following services

  • Teach his subject to grade 6-10 students.
  • Capacity building of teachers.
  • Facilitate you in administration and management through school improvement plan

Can I request for more then one subject Teacher in my school?

No, only one subject teacher of one subject will be appointed at your school during one academic year.

How SBSP is different from TICSS?


Teaching Secondary Students Only                   

Teaching Elementary & Secondary Students

Occasional Capacity Building                            

Continuous Capacity Building of peer teachers
School Improvement Plan at short level More comprehensive and effective school Improvement Plan
2 or 3 days allocation for a school Allocation for all the days of an academic year

What should I do if I am not satisfied and want to make some recommendation about CTDP & SLDP Training and SBSP Program?

You can always write to Director (CPDP)