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Continuous Professional Development Program (CPDP)


The poor educational learning outcomes of students have become a matter of great concern for parents, public and private sector managers of education. The deficient human capital in education sector has a major constraining influence on the quest for achievement of excellence in the field of quality education.
In case of educational institutions and quality teachers, the teachers and teachers alone are the agents of change: the real hope for the future of communities and the repositories of knowledge, expertise, traditions and values. The investment in professional development of teachers is therefore the right investment for the formation of human capital and decidedly the most accurate investment in future.

In order to contribute to overcome this limitation and further the aim of PEF to promote quality education by providing financial and technical assistance to low cost private education sector, Continuous Professional Development Program (CPDP) was launched in August 2005.

Three programs are operational under the umbrella of CPDP:

  1. Continuous Teachers Development Program (CTDP)
  2. School Leadership Development Program (SLDP)
  3. Subject Based Support Program (SBSP)

Continuous Teachers Development Program (CTDP)

By keeping in view the importance of professional development of teachers, CTDP was launched in 2005 for the training of school teachers of low cost private sector schools with particular emphasis on PEF partner schools. Basic aim of CTDP Trainings is to introduce newer educational methods and offer teachers in these schools a chance to share the most innovative ideas and concepts being explored today. CTDP future categorized in different levels i-e Primary Level Teachers (PLT) Elementary Level Teachers (ELT) and Secondary Level Teachers (SLT) with major emphasis on classroom management, teaching techniques, child psychology pedagogical skills and subject based.

School Leadership Development Program (SLDP)

School Leadership Development Program is a unique program introduced by PEF to sensitize the heads of the schools about the latest teaching technique through public private partnership, it was learnt that many teachers were finding it difficult to incorporate new and innovative teaching practices due to non-sensitization of the school principals. The Training focuses to highlight their administrative role as well as their role as facilitator to develop a vision with their staff for the betterment of the students. Through SLDP the participants are appraised on educational management aspects with particular focus on effective school management & administration.

 Subject Based Support Program (SBSP)

In 2006 "Teaching in Clusters by Subject Specialist (TICSS)" was launched with the aim of promoting quality education in less affluent and marginalized sections of society by providing the services of subject specialists of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and English. The subject specialists were allocated to 2 or 3 schools to impact learning outcomes of the students; and work on capacity building of school teachers and School Improvement Plan. TICSS program has now been reshaped as "Subject Based Support Program (SBSP)". Now one teacher will be allocated to one deserving school for whole academic year.

Subject Teachers help the school by:

  • Teaching to students of grades 6-10
  • Capacity building of school teachers
  • School Improvement Plan