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Subject Based Support Program (SBSP)

Teaching in Cluster by Subject Specialist (TICSS) was launched in 2006 with an aim to provide technical assistance to low cost private secondary schools situated in rural and less affluent urban areas of Punjab. Needs for the programs identified were:

  • The low cost secondary schools in rural and less affluent urban areas can not afford qualified teachers of impeccable professional standing due to financial constraints.  
  • A good subject specialist could not be arranged within a meager average salary of Rs 3000-5000. A good subject specialist could be arranged within a salary range of Rs. 20,000-25,000
  • There is a dire need of Subject Specialists in low cost secondary schools, who could play a catalytic role in uplifting school’s educational standards and bringing innovations in a number of spheres in the school’s milieu.

The idea is to arrange as subject specialist who will be

  • A mentor and act as an agent of change
  • Teaching in a cluster of schools
  • Visiting 2-3 schools in a week and
  • Teaching the students in actual class room theatrics
  • Impacting the learning outcomes of the students.

Moreover, such subject specialists will influence the teaching and communication practices of the peers and associates.

The model was cost effective, economical and beneficial

As a mentor and agent of change an SS Role & Responsibilities would be:

  • Syllabus coverage of the relevant subject for grade 9 and grade 10
  • Lesson Plan Development
  • Monthly Assessment of students for impact evaluation
  • Capacity building of peer teachers
  • School improvement
  • Extra curricular activities (emphasize activity based learning)

The eligibility for school selection would be based on the low fee, the schools charge per students. The Fee Structure over the year for school selection was as follows:

2006 to 2008:   Fee less than Rs. 400/month/child
2009 to 2011:   Fee less than or equal to Rs. 800/child/month
2012 Onward:  Fee less than or equal to Rs. 1000/child/month             
Program was revamped from TICSS to Subject Based Support Program (SBSP) in 2012. Currently we have a team of 46 subject teachers in 22 districts of Punjab which is not only performing duties in their allocated schools but also proving to be helpful human resource for Punjab Education Foundation in other tasks like conduction of Quality Assurance Test, School Surveys, Monitoring of schools, Training Workshops etc.
The program working is based on a tri-pronged relationship among the following agents:

  • Punjab Education Foundation (PEF-SBSP)
  • Subject Specialists of SBSP
  • SBSP Partner Schools

Revised Eligibility Criteria To Become A SBSP Partner School

  • Fee must not be more than Rs.1, 000/- per month.
  • Student’s strength from grade 6-10 not less then 100.
  • School must be registered and preference to be given to B.I.S.E affiliated schools.
  • The school must NOT be in partnership with PEF in any of its programs.

Defined Role & responsibilities of three parties are as follows:

PEF-SBSP Role is as Follow:

  1. PEF has designated SS for “One” Academic Year subject to satisfactory performance of School Management and SS.
  2. School Management and SS shall abide by all instructions/guidelines given by PEF, in case of failure MOU shall be deemed cancelled.
  3. In case of resignation of SS, MoU shall be deemed cancelled.
  4. PEF has designated SS in the School for 6 days a week.
  5. PEF reserves the right to designate SS in private schools anywhere in their Tehsil/District of the Punjab which shall not be challenged by the School and SS in any case.
  6. SS may be assigned any task by the PEF other than his/her engagement with School. The School shall be informed about the absence and duration of leave of SS.
  7. Corporal punishment will be avoided in the school.
  8. In case of any deviation from terms and conditions agreed in MoU and guidelines from PEF during the monitoring of SS, penalties shall be imposed and deduction shall be made accordingly as per the decision of the competent authority.
  9. In case of any disagreement/dispute between the SS SBSP and School, the matter shall be referred to the Program Committee (PC) constituted by the Board of Directors (PEF) with one representative from the organization. The decision of PC shall be considered as final.

School Management will be responsible for the following:

  1. Facilitate SS in the execution of assigned tasks.
  2. Assign minimum 6 periods to SS of PEF on daily basis.
  3. Ensure students presence & smooth conduction of Annual Quality Assurance Test (QAT) from grade (VI-X).
  4. Facilitate SS in organizing summer camp.
  5. Facilitate SS in organizing capacity building session of peer teachers on Primary Level Training (PLT) in quarter 1, Elementary Level Training (ELT) in Quarter 2 and Secondary Level Training (SLT) in quarter 3, each session to be 6 days and 5 hours per day.
  6. School principal will share the curriculum to be followed in school from class (vi-x) before 15th April, 2013.
  7. Share information regarding school’s over all working, as and when required by the PEF.
  8. Update SS with any changes in the school management i.e. students enrollment, timetable, exams, events etc.
  9. Share feedback on SS Performance on Quarterly basis and when required.
  10. Facilitate PEF monitor and provide true information.
  11. Not use logo of PEF without permission.
  12. Stamp and sign all requisite documents of SS and will not sign any document without verification.
  13. Do not pressurize SS to take classes of other subjects.
  14. Ensure availability of utilities i.e. clean drinking water, electricity, wash room and staff room at premises.
  15. Design a School Improvement Plan (SIP) in coordination with SS and it will be submitted to PEF with in 15 days of joining of SS and ensure its implementation during the same academic year.

SS will be responsible for the following:

  1. Teach students of grade (VI-X) in one school for 6 days.
  2. Stay in school during school timing.
  3. Take 6 lectures /classes in a working day (minimum) and share time table at the start of the academic year.
  4. Plan curricular/co-curricular activities with principal include them in Academic Calendar that is to be displayed on the notice board in principal office and follow its implementation status. SS will do the following activities in schools:
  5. Sr no.


    Activity to be organized


    Physics, Biology, Chemistry (Science)

    Science SS will conduct practical experiments on regular basis and not at the end of academic session.



    SS English prepare one (rotate) student from each class (vi-x) every week to speak on given English topic.



    SS Mathematics will conduct quiz every week in class (vi-x).

  6. Organize summer camp/Teachers training workshop for capacity building of regular teacher’s and submit Teachers training report at the end of each quarter.
  7. Maintain record of Student Assessment Reports on monthly basis.
  8. Be engaged in multiple monitoring and training duties. Reports and TA/DA bills to be submitted within seven working days of the completion of an activity and will inform school in writing beforehand about any special duty assigned by PEF.
  9. Mark attendance on school attendance register and maintain attendance record on Monthly Attendance Sheet to be shared with PEF.
  10. Not leave his/her school without prior approval from concerned officer of PEF.
  11. Submit leave application, as per PEF approved format, to the concerned SBSP officer. Approval to be taken from the Director CPDP at least 3 days prior to leave and inform school management as well. In case of an emergency, Leave/Short leave approval must be taken from concerned officer of SBSP.
  12. Submit all the required documents in soft and hard copy (Hard copy shall be singed & stamped by the school principal/owner and signed by SS as well) within given deadline as follows:


    Monthly Teaching Plan in Hard copy (MTP) till 

    5th of every month.


    Month End Report in Hard copy (MER) till

     5th of every month.


    Monthly Student Assessment Report (MSAR) till

    5th of every month.


    School Improvement Plan (SIP) will be submitted

    15 days of joining.


    Monthly Attendance Sheet & Leave Forms till

    5th of every month.


    School Academic Calendar

    15 days after joining.


    Student Enrolment (Twice a year) within

    and in the

    15 days after joining

    December 1st week


    School Time Table (Twice in a year) within

    and second time within

    15 days after joining

    7 days in winter

Assessment Methods Used to Ensure Quality of Program
To assure program quality, following methods are adopted:

  • Daily Phone Calls to SS
  • Random Phone Calls to Principals
  • Annual Quality Assurance Test (QAT)
  • Annual Performance Evaluation of SS
  • Field Monitoring of Subject Specialists by the CPDP Department as well as Monitoring & Evaluation Department.
  • Skill Enhancement for Subject Specialists
  • Documents Review by SBSP on Monthly Basis (Submitted by SS)
  • Implementation of Approved Penalization Process
  • Share all Policies & Procedures with SS, to facilitate them to improve their skills at work and to become accountable for their actions.

Program Outreach
At present, SBSP is operational in the following 24 districts of the Punjab:

1 Lahore 2 Layyah
3 Rahim Yar Khan 4 Jhelum
5 Rawalpindi 6 Sialkot
7 Gujranwala 8 Faisalabad
9 Multan 10 Bahawalpur
11 Okara 12 Attock
13 Dera Ghazi Khan 14 Hafizabad
15 Kasur 16 Nankana Sahib
17 Mandi Bahaddin 18 Sargodha
19 Pakpattan 20 Sheikhupura
21 Toba Tek Singh 22 Vehari

Academic Year 2011-2012: Highlights

  • To ensure the quality of the program, Performance Evaluation Criteria implemented for the Academic Year 2012-13.
  • Penalization Framework was approved.
  • SBSP conducted two (2) Enhancement Workshops dated July 13-14, 2013 and December 30-31, 2013 for SS on Project Based Learning (PBL).
  • Training was conducted for SS SBSP in collaboration with British Council (BC) on “Story Telling Techniques”.
  • Successful conduction of “37” Camp Based Trainings with SS as Trainer.
  • SS arranged Awareness Seminar and Walks on Dengue.
  • SS observed Plantation Week in their schools.