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What is New School Programme (NSP)?

New School Programme (NSP) is the result of the astounding success of various Programmes of Punjab Education Foundation. NSP deals with those entrepreneurs who wish to open new school(s) in far off rural and less affluent urban and semi-urban areas of the Punjab.

Who is eligible to apply for New School Programme (NSP)?

PEF welcomes individuals/organizations/institutions to apply for PEF-NSP. In case of applications by current FAS partner schools, it is incumbent that the schools must have achieved at least 85% marks in last two Quality Assurance Tests conducted under the auspices of PEF-ADU.

What are the selection criteria for New School Programme (NSP)?

PEF will enter into partnership with entrepreneur in those areas having no school or the areas where more schools at primary, elementary or secondary level are required. In selection of school for NSP, location of new school and qualification of entrepreneur are important. Schools in NSP will be selected from the areas where there is no Public/Private School within at least a 2 kilometer radius and there is a dire felt need amongst the populace for an educational institution. Applicant for NSP must be educated having acquired at least an intermediate level qualification.

Where is New School Programme (NSP) applicable?

Currently NSP is working in 8 Districts:









Dunya Pur






Bahawalpur,Khairpur Tamewali, Ahmadpur East, Hasilpur, Mandi Yazman



Rajanpur, Rojhan, Jampur


Rahim Yar Khan

Rahim Yar Khan, Sadiq Abad, Liaqatpur, Khanpur


Dera Ghazi Khan

Dera Ghazi Khan, Tounsa Sharif, Tribal Area



Layyah, Karor Lal Eaisan, Chobara

What does “out of school children” mean?

PEF is supporting more than 6, 00,000 students through FAS Programme. Moreover the major focus of PEF is in the marginalized and less affluent areas of society. In NSP, Punjab Education Foundation intends to access those children who are not going to schools and those whose parents are unable to send them to the schools due the financial/social constraints in concerned Tehsils. Partners who are committed to ensure the maximum utility of this Programme for out of school children are highly encouraged to apply for NSP.

What if the school is Un-registered?

The partner school shall register itself with the District Registration Authority within one year after entering into partnership with Punjab Education Foundation and in default thereof the PEF may discontinue financial assistance under this partnership agreement.

How does Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) disburse funds to the partner of New School Programme?

The new school’s partnership with PEF will entail the provision of Rs.350 stipend per child to the school by the PEF. After entering into partnership with PEF a cheque is delivered by the name of school on monthly basis.

Every NSP partner school has to abide by the following rules in order to receive the best possible delivery of service from PEF:

  • Bank account in the name of the School/Institution (personal accounts are not acceptable)
  • Bank account in any branch of the Bank of Punjab to avail quick online transfer system (bank accounts in any other bank are not acceptable).
  • Upon full compliance of the above mentioned conditions, the school will receive the duly verified payment within the first week of month

How does Punjab Education Foundation Assure quality of education in New School Programme (NSP)?

The school’s improvement in infrastructure will be monitored on regular basis and on the basis of reports it will be assessed whether the school is improving or not, Furthermore Quality Assurance Test will be conducted by Academic Development Unit (ADU) of Punjab Education Foundation after one year of partnership.

What is the Maximum Enrollment limit of students in NSP?

The main enrollment limit of students in NSP is 250.

What is the minimum enrollment limit in NSP?

There is no minimum required enrollment number for school to qualify PEF support under NSP. After Agreement with applicant school, they will be given grace period of 6 month to build the school infrastructure to accommodate at least 50 students.

What is the teacher student ratio in NSP school?

The teacher student’s ratio in NSP School is 1:30.

What is the Quality Assurance Test (QAT)?

QAT is the chief determinant for continuing financial assistance to the educational institution.

  • First QAT will be conducted after 18 months of partnership in NSP Programme.
  • QAT is prepared by PEF Academic Development Unit according to the syllabus agreed upon between PEF and partner schools.
  • The ADU will ensure that the processes of the examination system are secure. Transparency, absolute fairness, impartiality and professionalism will be the hallmark of QAT.
  • If a school fails in the first QAT, it will be directed to prepare for another QAT within six months and 2 consecutive failures will result in the cancellation of partnership.