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New School Program (PEF-NSP)


New School Program (NSP) was initiated as pilot project in March 2008 to allure private sector entrepreneurs to set up schools in distant and remote areas of the province where private schools are scarce or absent altogether. Currently, NSP has 200 schools successfully working in 16 districts of Punjab

Salient Features

The New School Program not only facilitates the enrolment of out of school children but also ensures their retention through effective policies, monitoring, evaluation, capacity building, quality assurance test (QAT) and Student Information System (SIS).

  1. Financial assistance to develop educational infrastructure by giving Rs.350 per student to the maximum of 300 students per school.
  2. Grace period of six months to build infrastructure of school by giving Rs.350 per child for 50 students even if there is no student enrolled at the time of school selection.
  3. Continuity of partnership is based on passing of Quality Assurance Test that is conducted biannually.
  4. Partner schools will not charge anything in any form from the students under any circumstances.

School Selection Criteria

  1. The applicant may apply for setting up a school in accessible location where there is no public or private school within 2 Km radius.
  2. Existence of non formal schools (Feeder school by NCHD,NEF,NFBCE, Masjid Maktab school and etc) with in a radius of 2.Km from the proposed site for school will be over looked, however, existence of boys schools in 2 Km radius (for opening of girl school) and vice versa shall be over looked.
  3. Similarly if only primary school exits within 2 Km of proposed site, elementary/high school may be opened at the proposed site
  4. Applicant and principal must be educated having acquired at least an intermediate level qualification.
  5. There is no minimum enrolment limit at the time of school selection. However, preference is given on the basis of following in school selection
    1. Functional schools in owned building
    2. Non-functional schools in owned building
    3. Functional schools in rented building