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Admin & Procurement Department

At Punjab Education Foundation, the general administration, under the supervision of Additional Director (Admin), is bifurcated into two segments. One is the administration department and the other is the procurement department. Both the departments collaborate following team building approach. Overall, the administration department works under Director (HR & Admin).

Administration Department


Administration is the mainstay of public sector organizations. At Punjab Education Foundation (PEF), the Administration department is responsible for supports services in order to stimulate effective organizational functioning. The department administers and regulates matters comprising of assets record maintenance & assets management, events management, property administration, care-taking (security & safety) tasks at head office, regional and sub-offices, general office management, and transportation.

Objectives of Administration department

  • Provision of supports services to various departments of PEF
  • The administration department is responsible to provide supports services to other departments of the organization in the form of repair & maintenance of office buildings, machine and equipment. Besides, it also provides stationary items, office utilities, office equipments, and Furniture & fixture to other departments. Labor services janitorial staff provision is also one of the main responsibilities of the department. Meanwhile it provides the facility of events management. Furthermore, the department provides administrative utilities and items to other departments upon subsequent requisition.

  • Efficient allocation, monitoring and management of Resources
  • The department is responsible for fixed assets management. It purchases, issues, allocates fixed assets to other departments as per operational requirement. In addition, complaints and issues pertinent to fixed assets are also redressed by the department. The department administers stationary demands, transportation and file-work as well. The departmental team performs its duties following the procurement and general administrative procedures manual.

  • Assurance of Security and safety to and within PEF premises
  • The department is cognizant about the security issues associated with the organization. For that matter, it assures security and safety of the staff, organizational resources and premises through efficient and vigilant security staff. The security team comprises of highly trained ex-soldiers of Pakistan Army/ Navy/ Air Force. Moreover, the care-taking task is also carried out by the same department.

  • Liaisoning Inter-departmental administrative matters
  • The Administration department bridges the network among various departments. It channelizes administrative matters through streamlining the tasks according to the designed rules and procedures.

  • Janitorial staff teamwork
  • Undoubtedly, effective and foolproof administration cannot be achieved in the absence of Janitorial staff at any organization. Therefore, the department utilizes the services of janitorial staff, which work as a team incorporating productiveness in the departmental affairs.

Functioning of Administration department

The key role of the Administration department is to rationally execute Petty cash management along with the provision of support services to all other departments of the organization. Furthermore, the department is engaged in the record maintenance of tangible resources including fixed assets management. It is involved streamlining inter-departmental communication, execution of administrative tasks, and responding to the utilities demands of all other departments

Procurement Department


Procurement department is the backbone of Punjab Education Foundation as it plays the pivotal function of meeting the procurement requirements of different departments. This task is accomplished by identifying better sources of supply and procuring goods/services at the best value for the money spent and at the right specifications that meet the departmental needs.

Functioning of Procurement department

Procurement Section is being headed by Deputy Director under the umbrella of Director HRM & Admin. Different methods of procurement are used like single quotation, three quotations and tender purchases. The cases of three quotations and tenders are finalized under the supervision of Procurement Committee of PEF. The department issues Invitations to Bid, Requests for Proposal, and Requests for Quotation and issues Contracts. It is very conscious of its responsibility and accountability in the expenditure of public funds. Therefore, a competitive bidding process in accordance with the PPRA Rules is maintained.

Procurement Team adds value to identify opportunities by the evaluation and selection of suppliers and acts as the primary contact with the supplier. The team follows the approved rules of Punjab Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) for procurement processes. The transactions are conducted in such a manner that quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness are achieved and full and open competition whenever practicable is applied. It works with the objective of eliminating the possibility of corruption and unethical practices in the procurement process. The Annual Procurement Plan of all the departments is uploaded every year at the website of PEF as per Rule 8 of PPRA.

The EOIs/Tender notices are uploaded at the website of PEF for all the procurement of goods/services/works

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